My Video Gamer Brother Turned 30 Recently

I’ve long been a fan of video games ever since I was really young playing on the original Nintendo 8bit console, enjoying a bit of Mario. Then as I got older, I would always upgrade my video games console to the latest release. So we enjoyed the Super Nintendo, and the Sega Megadrive. I and my brother actually had both, so we didn’t have to take sides about which was the best gaming console at the time. We liked both, we loved the Mario series like Mario Kart and we also loves Sonic on the Sega, and Altered Beast and Desert Strike and so on. So when it came time that my brother was turning 30 years old I was considering what would be the most awesome gift that I could get him that would remind us both of our retro gamer days from when we were young.


30th Birthday Gamer T-shirts

Then after a bit of google searching around on the web, I came across the winning idea for my brother’s 30th birthday – A video gamer retro birthday t-shirt. The best ones that I could find online were the ‘Level Complete’ and ‘Level Unlocked’ T-shirts. They would often feature a gaming control pad or several pads. It got me thinking about which one was actually correct. And then I thought, well, they probably both are. I mean, when you turn 30 you are completing the 30th year on the planet, and so Level 30 complete would be correct. But at the same time, if you are turning 30 then ‘Level 30 Unlocked’ is also correct because you are unlocking your 30th birthday. But I would tend to go with Level 30 Complete as it makes more sense to me. Anyway, the website that I found the best design on was called Geeky T-shirts and the page where they have all their t-shirts for a 30th birthday is right there for you to check out as I did.